New Season Registration-$15.00

Monthly Tuition

Due on the 3rd of each month:

30 minute classes--$41.00 per month ($33.00 on ZOOM)

45 minute classes--$50.00 per month ($42.00 on ZOOM)

60 minute classes--$55.00 per month ($50.00 on ZOOM)

75 minute classes--$60.00 per month

30 minute classes--8 week session (when available)--$60.00 (discounted!)

45 minute classes--8 week session (when available)--$80.00 (discounted!)

We do not implement late fees. Please keep your account up-to-date.

Thank you!

Tuition may be paid with cash, checks, or credit/debit cards. Auto-pay is available.  

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