* Our Instructors--put kids first. We all understand how to balance learning with caring. Premiere students are part of our dance family and we take pride in treating your child the way you expect us to. At Premiere your child receives dance instruction in the best environment possible. Dance is a joyful art and we intend to keep it that way.

* Our Facility--is in a great Southwest location, removed from the road, and not in a typical shopping center. Parents can still make a quick trip to the grocery store or coffee shop, but your child won't be dancing near stores or restaurants.

* Our Floors--are sprung. No one should ever dance on a hard surface. Tiles or wood placed over concrete is absolutely incorrect and a danger to all dancers. Our floors are built on THREE layers of 1x3 wood strips woven into a traditional basketweave and topped with a smooth wood surface. When your child jumps, you can see the floor move with them. The chance of developing knee, hip, ankle, and lower back problems are greatly reduced when dancing on the proper flooring. This should be a top priority.

* Our Music--is age appropriate, always.

* Our Costumes--are age appropriate, always.

* Our dress rehearsals and recitals--are broken down into 2 rehearsals and 3 recitals to minimize the time spent for each dancer. This especially helps our youngest dancers have a great experience AND makes it easy for your family and guests to enjoy the show!

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What Makes Premiere Dance Co. Different