*Twinkle and Sparkle Dress Rehearsal is Thursday TBA, starting at 4:30p at Homestead High.

*Stars Dress Rehearsal is Friday, TBA, starting at 4:30p at Homestead High.

*Twinkle Recital is Saturday, TBA, at 1:00p, arrive at 12:15p, doors to the auditorium open at 12:25p. 

*Sparkle Recital is Saturday, TBA, at 5:00p, arrive at 4:15p, doors to the auditorium open at 4:25p.

*Stars Recital is Sunday, TBA, at 2:00p, arrive at 1:15p, doors to the auditorium open at 1:25p.

*Solo/Duo Showcase is TBA, immediately following the Stars show. No admission fee. 

*Ticket prices TBA for ages 3 and over. Tickets are available at the door. 

*Carnations are available prior to the recitals--$2.00 each.


*Enter door #4 for the rehearsals.

*Check-in at the table outside the auditorium for dress rehearsal.

*Twinkle and Sparkle dancers should have one parent stay with them during the rehearsal. Stars dancers ages 8-11 should have one parent stay with them. Only one parent per dancer, please.

*Upon Dress Rehearsal Check-in, all Twinkle and Sparkle dancers will receive a paper bracelet to wear on their right wrist during the RECITALS. Parents will keep the corresponding tab and will need this to exit the dressing room after the RECITALS

*During rehearsal, dancers will sit in a row marked with the title of their song/songs. Parents of Twinkle, Sparkle, and young Stars will sit in the row behind them.

*We start rehearsal with the finale' so that dancers may leave after they rehearse their dances. 

*After finale' practice, we will run the show with real entrances/exits/lights/music. 

*Dancers are allowed to leave after they REHEARSE on May 20-21, or they can stay and watch the remainder of the show as they will have to stay backstage during the recitals.

*The Twinkle and Sparkle rehearsals will be combined and will not run in exact "show order." 

*The Stars show will run in order.

*If your dancer is toward the end of the show, please enjoy the rehearsal together and know that we are doing our best to keep things moving along.

*We want everyone to have a good experience with their stage practice. If we need to stop and repeat for any reason, we will.

*If your dancer needs snacks, you are welcome to bring them and eat in the hallway. Please do not bring food or drinks into the auditorium. 

*Please have your dancer practice auditorium etiquette by sitting quietly and watching performances.


*Twinkle and Sparkle dancers wear their paper wristbands on their right wrist.

*Arrive, ready, 45 minutes early. 

*Enter door #3 which is closest to the band room/dressing room.

*Accompany your dancer to their station in the band room.

*If your Twinkle/Sparkle class does not have a parent volunteer, a high school student will be assigned to your class. We also have parent volunteers supervising the band room.

*Please remind your Twinkle/Sparkle dancers to ask someone for help with trips to the restroom etc.

*All parents must enter the auditorium through the main auditorium doors. Anyone in the auditorium prior to 12:25p, or 4:25p on June 8, or 1:25p on June 9 will be asked to leave as we do not allow seats to be saved and we will be holding rehearsals. Thank you!

*At the end of the Twinkle/Sparkle shows the curtain will close and all dancers will be taken to the band room. Parents will meet them there to be checked-out with their bracelet and stub. Women only please. 

*At the end of the Stars show, the curtain will close and all dancers will be taken to the band room. Dancers should wait for parents in the band room but will not be checked out by a volunteer. Please discuss this with your Star dancer.

*Dancers are not allowed to leave the band room until after their recital is complete.

*We hope you enjoy the show! Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Thank you!!

​© Premiere Dance Company May, 2017