Covid-19 Safety Precautions:

UV light sanitizing system in all HVAC units to promote clean air.

Parents may enter the lobby wearing a mask, but we ask that all parents of children ages 5 and over wait outside during classes. (this may change as CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines change)


The following policies MAY be reimplemented for the 21-22 season if necessary.

We will base our decisions on CDC and AAP guidelines for schools and indoor activities. 

We had a VERY successful and safe 20-21 season using these practices and will easily move through the 21-22 season doing the same if needed. 

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our kids safe while they enjoy dance!!


Temperature check of each dancer as they enter

All dancers wear face coverings

Touchless hand sanitizers

Social distance practiced throughout the building for recreational dancers

Each dancer is assigned to a minimum of an 8x8 foot space

All classes are available on ZOOM for those in quarantine

The lobby is reserved for dancers only (see above)

All staff wears a mask/face covering

All high touch surfaces will be sanitized between classes