Studio B:


5:30-6:30--Tech 3

6:30-7:00--Tech 2 (continues in Studio B)

7:00-7:30--Jazz 6


7:00-7:30--Jazz 7


8:00-9:00--Tech/Combos 1


4:00-4:30--Mini Lyrical

4:30-5:00--Tap 3

5:00-5:30--Tap 2

5:30-6:00--Contemporary 1

6:00-6:30--Lyrical 1

6:30-7:00--Tap 1

7:00-7:30--Jazz 2


8:00-8:30--Contemporary 2


Tech/Ballet/Combo 1 are in RED. Dancers must take 2 ballet classes and at least 2 (of any 3) tech classes a week. Tech 1 choices must be alternated from week to week. For instance a dancer taking two Tech 1 classes should not take only the Tuesday/Thursday classes and skip every Wednesday Tech/Combo 1. If a dancer wants to take 5 classes some weeks and the required 4 classes other weeks, that is fine. 

We encourage all level 1 dancers to take advantage of all 5 technique classes.

Level 1, 2, and 3, Soloists who do not attend all required technique classes each week will be ineligible to compete. 

Tech/Ballet 2 classes are in BLUE. All level 2 dancers must take both classes each week. 

Tech/Ballet 3 classes are in ORANGE. All level 3 dancers must take both classes each week.

Please note: ALL company dancers will wear any color leotards or sports tops, tights, and shorts, leggings, or skirts. For ballet, dancers MUST have a solid leotard (no tops and shorts), ballet pink tights and pink ballet shoes (skirts are optional). Dancers must also have Bloch Neoflex tan jazz shoes for all group rehearsals, tap shoes for tap, and sneakers for hip hop. Dancers MUST have their hair in a bun for ALL classes. Dancers who are not prepared for class with the proper attire, hair, and shoes will not be allowed to dance and it will count as an absence. We will have occasional rehearsals in all black attire.

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Studio A:


6:00-6:30--Jazz 8

6:30-7:00--Contemporary 5

7:00-8:00--Ballet 1

8:00-8:30--Lyrical 3

8:30-9:00--Contemporary 4


4:30-5:00--Lyrical 2

5:00-5:30--Jazz 5

5:30-6:00--Junior Lyrical 

6:00-6:30--Tech 2 (begins in Studio A)

6:30-7:00--Hip Hop 1

7:00-7:30--Senior Lyrical

7:30-8:30--Tech 1

8:30-9:00--Jazz 1


5:00-6:00--Ballet 2

6:00-6:30--Jazz Production

6:30-7:30--Ballet 1

7:30-8:00--Open Jazz


5:15-6:00--Ballet 3

6:00-6:30--Hip Hop 2

6:30-7:00--Jazz 4

7:00-7:30--Contemporary 3

7:30-8:00--Jazz 3

8:00-9:00--Tech 1