Our tentative schedule for the 23-24 dance season is ready! (Classes are subject to change based on enrollment)
Registration will begin Saturday, July 29, at 12:00pm. Please email Lisa at Lisa@premieredancecompany.com if you have any questions about age categories, dance styles, or need help finding the correct class for your dancer.
If you don't have an online account, you can pre-register at www.premieredancecompany.com Click on the LOGIN tab.
Classes will not appear online until registration begins.
Dancers who are wait-listed will be refunded their registration fee if nothing becomes available.
Open House--Thursday, August 24, from 4:30-7:30pm. You can tour the studio and/or order dancewear and shoes. [🙂]
Start date--Tuesday, September 5. We can't wait!
Don't forget...Classes fill quickly!

4:00-4:30—Ballet, 3-4 year olds
4:00-4:45—Ballet/Tap, 5-6 year olds
4:00-4:45—Jazz/Tap, 7-8 year olds
4:30-5:15—Ballet/Jazz, 5-6 year olds
4:45-5:30—Ballet/Tap, 4-5 year olds
4:45-5:30—Lyrical/Jazz, 7-8 year olds
5:15-6:00—Ballet/Tap, 7-10 year olds
5:30-6:00—Ballet, 3-4 year olds
6:00-6:45—Jazz/Tap, 5-6 year olds
6:45-7:30—Ballet/Lyrical, 8-10 year olds
7:30-8:15—Lyrical/Jazz, 9-11 year olds

10:00-10:30a—Ballet, 3-4 year olds
10:30-11:15a—Ballet/Tap, 4-5 year olds
4:30-5:15—Ballet/Jazz, 5-6 year olds
5:45-6:30—Jazz/Tap, 9-12 year olds
6:30-7:00—Company Prep Technique, 9-12 year olds
7:30-8:30—ZUMBA! (drop-in class)

9:30-10:00a—Creative Movement, 2-3 year olds
10:00-10:45a—Ballet/Tap, 4-5 year olds
10:45-11:30a—Ballet/Jazz, 6-8 year olds (home school option)
4:15-4:45—Ballet, 3-4 year olds
4:45-5:15—Soul Sisters, special needs adults
5:15-5:45—Soul Brothers, special needs adults
5:15-5:45—Tap, 4-6 year olds
6:45-7:15—Boys Hip Hop, 6-12 year olds
7:15-8:00—Hip Hop/Lyrical, 9-12 year olds

4:00-4:45—Ballet/Hip Hop, 5-6 year olds
4:15-5:00—Ballet/Tap, 4-5 year olds
5:00-5:45—Hip Hop/Tap, 5-6 year olds
5:45-6:15—Hip Hop, 7-8 year olds
6:15-7:00—Ballet/Jazz, 7-8 year olds
7:45-8:30—Lyrical/Jazz, 12+


7:30-8:30—ZUMBA! (drop-in class)
Saturday (8 week sessions)
9:30-10:00a—Ballet, 3-4 year olds
10:00-10:45a—Ballet/Jazz, 5-7 year olds